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Playful moments,

better photos.

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A smartphone accessory that easily grabs and engages your little one's attention for that perfect shot.

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Goodbye stressful photo shoots

No more weird faces, jumping, clapping and making odd animal noises to get your baby's attention... 

How it works: 


Clip Lu onto your smartphone 



Rattle your phone so your baby looks up



Focus your camera and snap your shot


Fits every smartphone and case, including the Otterbox, for normal photos and selfies

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My son loves Lu. As soon as I take him out and clip him on the phone, he’s hooked!
— Sheryl Johnson, Jason's mom
Taking clear, happy photos of Alexa has never been easier. I highly recommend!
— Jane White, Alexa's mom

Meet your favorite photo companion, Lu.

Lu specializes in making photo shoots fun and simple. He's really good at engaging your little one's attention so you can easily take your photo - no more clapping, jumping, waving, yelling, or embarrassing animal noises. Lu's here to make things a little easier on you. 


Rooted in research

We designed Lu in black & white and red. That's because, until about 3 months, your baby doesn't see color and likes high contrast patterns. After 3 months, your baby loves bright primary colors, like red. 

Pro tip: You can also use Lu to help develop your baby's eye-tracking skills by moving Lu from side to side close to your baby's face. 

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And that's not all... Your dog loves Lu too! Your Lookalu works just as well with your furry friend as it does with your baby.

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