Cute baby photos,

made easy

easily grab your little one's attention for that perfect shot.

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Get the photo you want, when you want it



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How it works: 


1. Clip Lookalu onto your phone

2. Rattle Lookalu so your baby looks up 

3. Focus your camera and take your shot


Meet Lu.

Lu wants to bring a smile to every child in the world, no matter what. Lu sees the bright side of life and shares his optimism with everyone he comes into contact with.

Lu's blueprint.jpg

We designed Lu in black & white and red. That's because, until about 4 months, your baby doesn't see color and likes high contrast patterns. After 4 months, your baby loves bright primary colors, like red.

My son loves Lu. As soon as I take him out and clip him on the phone, he’s hooked!
— Alex, Tyler's dad
I’ve used the prototype for a month, and it actually works. It’s simple and fun.”
— Cara, Ellie's mom


And that's not all... your dog loves Lookalu too! 


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